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Hot Wire corner cutter option for table


Hot Wire corner cutter option for table - Corner and vertical cutting option. Max cutting depth 500mm / Max cutting thickness 310mm. Includes Li-ion battery and charger / carry case.

Cutting accessory for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) to adapt on hot wire cutting table (ref 266555).
Especially for corner cutting and vertical cutting of polystyrene panels.
Maximum cutting depth : 500 mm.
Maximum cutting thickness : 310 mm.
2 different positions on the hot wire cutting table :
- Max. 1000 mm height.
- Max. 600 mm height.
Accessories included :
- Carrying case.
- Li-ion battery and charger.
The charging time of the battery is 70 minutes.
The battery autonomy is about 5 hours*
(*for an average of 20 seconds per cutting action and 4 minutes break between each cut).

1541 - 500mm x 310mm

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1541 hot-wire-corner-cutter-for-styrofoam.jpg
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